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Hi friends, I’m so glad to be back with you! I went into the summer knowing that I needed to take a rest from bringing a weekly blog to you. Summer was time well spent with family and friends, but there was also an underlying question in my soul – 

What’s next?

For the last twelve years, I have had a child or multiple children at home. We decided early on in our marriage that I wanted to be the one to stay home with the kids while they were little. Thankfully, my job as a maternity nurse afforded me that opportunity and then five years ago, God led us to the decision that I would stay home full time. These years at home with the kids have been an absolute gift. 

But that season was coming to an end as our youngest was preparing for kindergarten and I still was asking myself, “What’s next?”

Have you ever been there? When you want to see the plan and the next steps and you are fully willing and ready to be obedient to whatever God says, and yet, you aren’t hearing anything?

In my human-ness, I entered the summer expecting that God would give me the plan and my next steps by the end of the summer. I put a timeline on God. Ha! How dumb can I be?! In His God-ness, He did not meet my timeline and He did not reveal the plan…at least not in the five step checklist that I was hoping for! 

I came to Him asking for a plan, instead, He came to me with His presence. 

His presence is far better than any plan. 

– – – – – – – – – – 

I am used to always having someone with me, so as I entered this new season of all my children being at school, I found myself a little disoriented in the stillness. 

But God, knowing me intimately, and knowing exactly what I need, drew me close to Him. In quiet and still moments, He pulls me into worship. He calls me into prayer. He draws me into His Word. 

And His presence is exactly what I need. It’s exactly what we all need.

Are you like me and asking yourself, “What’s next?” 

Maybe “next” isn’t what we should be focusing on. Maybe instead our focus should be transfixed fully on Jesus. He may not give us the plan as soon as we would like it, but His presence is immensely better.

Thanks be to Him.

“In your presence is fullness of joy.” Psalm 16:11

As I am asking, listening and discerning what God says to me, I would also love to hear from you! Do you enjoy the weekly blog? Do you want a book? Would you listen to a podcast? Would you prefer a quick Instagram reel? Do you want to hear a longer form message, such as a speaking session at your church? I want to hear from you! You can email me or find me on Facebook and Instagram.

And for your worship, here is a song for you – Your Presence is Heaven


  • Avatar Wanda Spangler says:

    I loved this message. I have found myself several times in my life at this crossroad. Always best to let God take the lead and be obedient and glow in his presence. Thank you Meredith.

  • Avatar Marilyn Anderson says:

    I would love it if you would speck in a women’s event. I like this, I can read it at any time, but I would prefer a pod cast over Instagram- I don’t have Instagram, at the moment Anyway. I would like to talk to you about an idea I have. Maybe we could set up a time to talk.

  • Avatar Faye Wampler says:

    I’ll be praying for your “what’s next”. It sounds like God is using this time to grow you in the direction He wants you to go. May His Word become clear as you wait His direction.

  • Avatar Rick Kane says:

    Dearest Meredith, Thanks for your blog.I have struggled with “What’s next, God” all my Christian life, it is only after looking back at my life do I understand that God was always leading me to “What’s next” on His list but not necessarily my list. It is reassuring that sometimes when I look back ,I do see that my desires/needs were achieved but not in the time frame or way that I expected.
    My desire was to house people but I thought it would be through owning my own architectural firm but His plan was for me to own my own real estate firm and be active in WARM (Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry for the homeless). All the pieces fit together but only in hindsight. We just can anticipate and be ready for “What’s next” on God’s list. The waiting is hard,so just do what you feel He is leading you to do that day and find joy in the knowledge that whatever you are doing somehow is fitting into His plan for you,my precious daughter. My love always and forever, Dad

  • Avatar Kay Miller says:

    Meredith, what a joy to open my email and there was a “hug” from a dear friend who is back from vacation. And, with such a wonderful message. No matter “what’s next” it is only with Jesus next to me that I can do anything. Thank you for reminding me that even when I’m questioning “why”, I am never left alone to figure it out for myself. Loved the song.

  • Avatar Bonnie Graves says:

    Dear Meredith, Thank you for the message of “What’s Next.” As you know Uncle Ron is in a life and death struggle with cancer and we never imagined a couple of months ago that this would be what’s next for us. The song certainly touched my heart because the presence of Jesus is everything. We can’t change the past and we don’t know the future, and, indeed, the “present” is where we are and we live in His Presence. I appreciated your dad’s testimony, too. So, we press on in the power of the Holy Spirit who loves us, comforts us and intercedes on our behalf. Much love to you and your family, Aunt Bonnie

  • Avatar Jodi says:


    I’m living in the “what’s next” at the moment. Left my job in August and God said, “give Me 90 days.” These days are a S.T.R.U.G.G.L.E!!!!

    Praying for you as you listen and discern!

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