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The night life has stepped up a notch in our quiet neighborhood these last two weeks as the Christmas season is upon us. Lights have been strung, candles placed in windows, and manger scenes illuminate yards that were once dark only a few weeks ago. 

It’s always fun to see if neighbors put up their outdoor decorations the same way each year or if they switch it up. Or perhaps they add more or take some away. My kids would like every inch of our yard to have lights or blow ups or Santa’s or reindeer or any sort of decoration as long as it is shining brightly into the darkness. I settle for the “less is more” theory and go with a few strands of lights on our porch and front door.

I was running through our neighborhood early one morning and laughed at two decorations in particular. One was a Santa, who was making his way through the yard to the chimney with his reindeer. Instead of standing tall and proud, he was face first in the frost tipped grass.

The other is a Santa standing guard on a front porch, seeming to happily greet passerbyers. This Santa is such a nice Santa that the first year that he was on display, I thought it was a real person. He is in his usual place this year, but he has no head! I need to stop by one day and ask what happened…did it roll away, did someone steal it, was his head accidently shipped off to goodwill?! Where is his head?!

I laughed at the face down Santa and the headless Santa, but it also caused me to think about how these Santas are a picture of how so many people feel today. 

Do you feel like you are face down in cold grass?

Last week, I wrote about worldly hope vs. biblical hope in Busted Thanksgiving. Worldly hope is wishful thinking. Biblical hope is secure, solid and true. Biblical hope is Christ. What about peace? Is there a difference between worldly peace and biblical peace? 

I believe there is.

There is a restlessness in all of our souls. The restlessness causes a desire in us to have peace, so we look for quick fixes and instant gratification to ease the restlessness. 

If I could just have more money, then my soul would be at peace.

If I could just get the job, then I will be ok.

If I could just find a spouse, then I will be happy.

If my church would just do it this way, then it will be better.

If I could just get through this season, then things will calm down.

If I could just have more time to do the things I need to do, then everything would be great.

If life would just be more comfortable, then my soul would be at peace. 

Worldly peace often hinges on our own selfish desires. We want, so we strive, but it will always leave us flat on our faces. Because even if we get all the things we want, our souls will never be at peace. We will always want the next quick fix to ease the restlessness.

The only thing to ease the restlessness is not a thing at all, but a person. Jesus Christ. He is the only way to bring about the peace that your soul craves. 

Biblical peace is found in Christ. 

The peace that Christ offers is an inner peace. 

It is peace that calms the restlessness in our souls. 

When we have Christ as our peace, we understand that everything in this world will come up short. 

When we have Christ as our peace we understand that we will have trials in this life, and we may not like them, but the peace that Christ gives allows us to keep going through the trial because we know that in the fire, there is refinement. 

When we have Christ as our peace, we trust in Him, though we may not understand, because we believe in his love for us.

When we have Christ as our peace, our thoughts are fixed on him despite what is going on around us. 

When we have Christ as our peace, we can rest in the shadow of His wing. 

When we have Christ as our peace, we know that when we call upon him, He will answer.

Where are you looking for your peace? You will end up flat on your face if you are looking to worldly things to bring you peace…or worse yet, without a head! Just kidding! Ask God to help you today to find peace in the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. 

Peace is Christ.

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you.” Isaiah 26:3

God, thank you for allowing the Prince of Peace to shine into the darkness.

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