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Girl walks into her bedroom.

Girl stops in her tracks.

Girl’s gaze falls upon a bed.

It is an empty bed.


Girl’s heart feels like it’s cracking.

Girl’s eyes spill over with tears.

After all this time, it’s empty.

For 13 years, the one who has held the spot in the bed was the one who arrived at just the right time; the one who kept her company in the quiet of the night; the one who was the constant as the girl’s life shifted and changed. The one who held the spot in the bed was the one who brought a smile when the girl felt broken; the one who warmed the girl by staying close; the one who remained when others left.

Girl goes to the empty bed.

Girl kneels down and touches the bed.

Though the bed is empty and though her heart is broken, Girl weakly smiles at the memories of the one who held the spot in the bed. 

Girl will always hold the memories close.

Girl will always hold dear the one who held the spot in the bed.

But for now, Girl feels the emptiness of the bed. 

“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted…” Psalm 34:18.

God, be near. 

In loving memory of Madie Lou Read, 8/1/09-10/18/22


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