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After I posted my blog two weeks ago about wrestling with God, I was asked the question, “What do you mean by being up in God’s space? How do you feel His breath? How do you feel His heartbeat? How do you hear His whisper?”

How can you be up in the space of an invisible God? 

So today I want to tackle those questions through the lens of scripture.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Feeling His Breath – In 2nd Timothy, we learn that “all scripture is God-breathed” or “breathed out by God.” Men wrote the words down, but it is God who gave them the words. God, who is sovereign over all, was able to give the writers of the scriptures the exact words that He wanted them to put into the Bible so that the readers would understand who God is from reading.

If you think about getting to know someone, there has to be communication. You cannot know and understand another without some form of communication between the two of you. For the vast majority of the population, that communication is verbal language. Conversation between the two of you. 

God gave us His word to communicate with us. Through scripture we learn about His character and His attributes. 

He also gave us the insane privilege and gift of prayer

Simply put, prayer is talking with God. Prayer is how we speak with God, and His word is how He speaks to us. 

So in order to feel His breath, we must be in His word and in prayer. 

Feeling His Heart – When we meditate on the word of the Lord by studying the scriptures and when we are communicating with God through prayer, our heart begins to align with His. This happens through sanctification. That’s a big word that means “process.” 

We all are in process. 

Each day, as we surrender to God and His will, God will chisel away at our rough parts and soften our hearts to look more like His. The process of sanctification is progressively becoming more like Chirst and will not be completed until we are dancing in heaven. 

Feeling God’s heart is becoming in tune with His heart, the very nature of who He is. And when we are in tune with His heart and we are surrendered to Him, our heart looks more and more like His every day.

Hearing His Whisper Ephesians tells us that when we surrender to Jesus, we are marked and sealed by the Holy Spirit. And many other scriptures tell us that we have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. God Himself is within us…umm, how amazing is that?! Hallelujah! 

The Holy Spirit is our guide (John 16:13) and He leads us in the way we should go. This often happens through little nudges within your soul. Holy Spirit promptings. To give you an example, when I was praying about staying home full time, I just wasn’t sure what to do. So I prayed and prayed and prayed some more. It wasn’t until one morning during my prayer that I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to my soul, “Now is the time.”  

I felt the whisper of the Holy Spirit within me guide me and prompt me to make the decision to stay home. 

Hearing God’s whisper is feeling the prompting of the Holy Spirit within your soul.

– – – – – – – – – – 

I am praying that you feel God’s breath, feel His heart and hear His whisper this week. And may being up in God’s space be the space that you crave and can’t get enough of.

I hope this was helpful for you and please feel free to email me any time you have questions or thoughts about a post! I LOVE hearing from you!


  • Avatar Bonnie Graves says:

    This is a beautiful reminder to be quiet before God and listen to the Holy Spirit. He speaks to the heart but we often miss His promptings.

  • I love your explaination on Sanctification. Sometime, if you do not mind, speak on the tribulation!!!!! I have a little trouble understanding the process. Many thanks.= Phyllis

    • Meredith Meredith says:

      Thank you Phyllis! I appreciate you reading and your encouragement. The tribulation is something that is huge! I may be able to dive into it some for you, however, I won’t be able to answer all of your questions! In the meantime though, rest in the fact that God has it all in His capable hands! Hallelujah!

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