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I am sure more words will come, but for now, this is all I have…

My husband was home sick Tuesday when he got the call that there was an active shooter at the college campus in our town. 

He immediately raced upstairs and put on his gear – his shoes, giving him support to run into danger; his belt holding his gun, handcuffs, and other equipment, giving him the tools he needs to keep others safe; his radio, giving him access to know what is going on as well as a line of communication to other officers; and finally, I watched him put on his bullet proof vest, something that could possibly protect and save his life, but it only covers part of his precious body. 

He kissed our children. 

He kissed me.

And then he was out the door. 

In that moment, I was bursting with pride for my sweet husband because he was running towards the danger, but I was also overtaken with fear. 

What if? 

“Oh, God…” was about all I could utter between the tears. 

My prayers turned to Psalm 91, “Lord, command your angels to guard every officer, student and faculty present…”

Psalm 91 has been what I have prayed over Phillip for years as he was in the military (My Afghanistan) and is now in law enforcement, but recently it has taken a deeper meaning. Phillip and I, as well as our two close friends, have started a non-profit, Hope Ridge (website coming soon) based on finding your refuge in God alone. Psalm 91 is the most encompassing scripture on God’s refuge. 

Yesterday, as I waited…unsure if my husband would come home, unsure of what evil was happening less than a mile from our home, unsure of what trauma my children would come home with after being on lock down at school, unsure if…my only hope was found as I held onto God’s hand through His word. 

Psalm 91 was His hand.

It was my anchor. 

My husband came home alive, but others did not. There are two other families who cannot say the same thing. 

My heart is broken and yearns for eternity. 

“For He will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways…” Psalm 91:11

Jesus, we need you, come soon.


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