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There’s a place that belonged to only her. 

Madie’s bed

I wrote about it in October after our sweet pup of 13 years died. Her empty bed in our room was a daily reminder of our loss. Phillip was ready to move the bed, but I just couldn’t.

It was hers.

Over the last few months, Madie comes to my mind so often, it feels kind of crazy. I think I hear her. I instinctively call out to her. If we’ve been gone too long, I feel like we need to rush home to let her out. She was such a huge part of our life. Life without her has been quieter, in many ways easier and life without her was working.

But then our neighbor brought home a puppy.

Who had a sister that needed a home.


– – – – – – – – – – 

How do you know you’re ready for something new? How do you know when it’s ok to move forward (not move on, just move forward)? How do you know you are ready to enter a new chapter, even though the old chapter was such a good one? 

How do you know?

I wish I had a perfect answer to give you, but I don’t.

Here’s what I do know though. When an end of anything comes, it’s ok to mourn the thing that is no longer, to grieve the end, and to feel the loss. But eventually a new season approaches and you can either remain in the past, or you can appreciate the gift of what was and step into what is now. 

Stepping into the now does not forget what was

Stepping into the now honors what was – because what was has shaped you into who you are now. 

– – – – – – – – – –

Now, a snuggly little puppy named Charlie has come into our family. And she has found a place on Madie’s bed. 

That makes me smile.

Madie was our girl for 13 years and now that we have Charlie, that doesn’t mean Madie is any less. It just means that there was room in our hearts for another girl. 

Grief has no timeline and I am certainly not telling you that you just need to put the past in a box and not think about it anymore, but I am saying that it’s ok to honor the past, step into the now and make room for another. 

Our hearts are never too full for more love.


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